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FK/Massimo 100% Synthetic and Synthetic Oil

FK / Massimo Engine Oil

FK/Massimo Oils are the ultimate engine oils which has came out to gather from the highest quality base oil and state-of-the-art technology. It's the brand that you can trust to realize the full potential of your automobile.

Every year professional drivers from around the world compete in Japan's GT Championship. Pushing their machines to the limit. Racing under extreme conditions and in the most tropical of climates. They put their life on the line and their engine to the ultimate test. During times like this your engine oil is perhaps the single most important factor between winning and losing.

FK/Massimo Engine Oil isn't researched in a lab, it's tested on the track. It's specifically designed to deliver maximum performance and prolong the life of your engine. That's why it's the choice of Porsche, Toyota, Subaru, Mitshubitshi and Honda. It's also the most effective way to make sure your oil can stand up to the punishment of everyday driving. In a country like Singapore, you need higher performance and lower maintenance costs. That's the real test of a good engine oil.